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Walnut Ridge Acres Alpaca Farm

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About Us

In the summer of 2014, I was looking for fun activities to do with the kiddos and I stumbled upon a local alpaca farm. The moment I arrived; I was in love! I was standing in a pasture of teddy bears, that is what they remind me of. Their adorable faces, big warm eyes and unbelievable soft fleece just puts you in a state of amazement and you think “I want one, actually, I want two”. I only saw one problem that day, convincing my husband. After many long hours of research and pleading my case, he was on board, and we were off on our alpaca adventure!

A few years later, we had purchased our farmhouse on ten acres and Walnut Ridge Acres was established. We bought our first two alpaca in 2014 and now our herd is continuing to grow. We are focused on actively improving our breeding program and diversifying our herd’s genetics. We enjoy harvesting and working with our alpaca's amazing fiber. We sell our raw fiber to state affiliates and co-ops.

In 2022, we moved our farm to a larger property and look forward to many wonderful years at our new home and enjoying our growing herd.

It is always a joy meeting new breeders and educating folks about the wonderful alpaca industry!

Wednesday, January 17, 2024