Alpaca manure is often referred to as "Black Gold" because of its many qualities.  The following is a list of interesting and helpful facts:

  • Alpacas are ruminants with a three chamber stomach causing the manure to have lower amounts of organic matter, so you can spread manure directly on your garden without burning your plants.

  • Can improve soil fertility and drainage.

  • No weed seeds in the manure.

  • Can make alpaca tea, which is great for seedlings.  Mix a 1/3 of a cup of manure & 2/3 cup of water.  Let sit overnight.

  • Like other livestock manure, its nutrient level is lower than synthetic fertilizers (1.5-0.2-1.1) which means you will need about 10 times more, but it is organic.

  • Is a natural, renewable resource.

  • For new gardens use 40 lbs per 100 sqft and for existing gardens, spread 1 to 2 inches over the soil.

  • For leafy and root crops apply 120 days before harvest and 90 days for no soil contact crops.

  • Can use in flower beds anytime.

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Approximately 15-18 lb bags available. $10 a bag or $18 for two bags.  Composted for 4 months.