Three summers ago, I was looking for fun activities to do with the kiddos and I stumbled upon a local alpaca farm.  The moment I arrived, I was in love!  I was standing in a pasture of teddy bears, that is what they remind me of.  Their adorable faces, big warm eyes and unbelievable soft fleece just puts you in a state of amazement and you think “I want one, actually, I want two”.  I only saw one problem that day, convincing my husband.  After many long hours of research and pleading my case, he was on board and we were off on our alpaca adventure!


A few years later, we had purchased our farm house on ten acres and Walnut Ridge Acres was created.  We are currently in the process of getting the farm ready for our herd which is no easy feat.  We are hoping to have our furry family with us in two years, but in the meantime, we board them on a farm a few miles from us which is especially beneficial in the spring when the babies are born!


Little by little we are transitioning into homesteaders.  This is our first year, so I’m sure it will be packed full with a lot of mistakes and mishaps we will laugh about for years to come.  In the process of becoming homesteaders, I have taught myself to make candles.  Making candles is an absolute JOY for me.  I love everything about it from the science aspect to picking fragrances and decorative jars.  My husband also finds enjoyment with my candle making because our home always smells amazing. 


Over time I plan to have a website full of educational and fun information as well as numerous products to peruse including: alpaca yarn and finished items, candles, and other homemade crafts.  Thank you for your patience and for joining us on our adventure!


DJ Penica


111 Birch Road

Carlisle, PA 17015